Inspect Your APQS Shipment Immediately Upon Its Arrival:
  • While nearly all of our shipments are delivered smoothly, occasionally an item may arrive damaged.  External damage to the boxes is common, and your order is packed to protect the contents inside.  Please see the notes below in reference to noticeable damage.  Damage claims must be filed within 10 days. To ensure any shipping damage issues are resolved quickly, please follow these IMPORTANT steps:
    • Examine each box immediately upon delivery while the delivery driver is still there. You do not need to open each box.
    • Please do not refuse the shipment because of damage.  If you refuse the shipment, APQS will not be able to replace any items until they are returned to our factory and evaluated.
    • If any external damages are found, note them with the driver before they leave. 
    • If possible, take pictures of the damaged boxes immediately.  After pictures of the boxes are taken, you can open them and check the contents for damage.
    • If any product is damaged, please take pictures of the damage and email them (along with the pictures of the damaged boxes) to our Service Group at so we can process a claim with the shipping company promptly.
    • If you have any questions or concerns with this process please call our Service Department at 800-426-7233. 
Report Missing or Non-Functioning Parts to Our Service Team:
  • If you believe that you are missing any parts of your shipment or something is not working correctly, please contact our Service Team at 800-426-7233. You can also email them at They will work to resolve the issue quickly for you.