"CLASSES" STUDENT CANCELLATION POLICY *If you need to cancel please email us as soon as possible at angela@quiltedjoy.com.
Cancellation Policy Thank you for signing up for a class at Quilted Joy. Please make note of our cancellation policy. 

Please note you can call or send an email to support@quiltedjoy.com

  •  In the case that you are unable to attend the class, you must cancel at least 5 calendar days prior to class date for a FULL refund or you can transfer your student fees to another class.
  •  If you cancel 4 calendar days before class, a 50% forfeiture fee is deducted from your class fee. You may choose to transfer the remaining 50% of your student fees to another class if available.
  •  If you cancel 3 calendar days or less prior to class, your class fee is 100% forfeited. Transfer to another class is not available with a 3 day or less cancellation. 

You can sell or give your class spot away to another quilter as desired. Please let us know their contact info if you choose to do this so we can keep our records straight.