The APQS Beginning Longarm Class is a comprehensive class for brand new quilting machine owners. During class you’ll learn:

  • Multiple ways to load a quilt on a frame
  • How to set tension
  • Everything about needles, thread, and batting
  • How us use pantographs and realign them for each row
  • Basic machine maintenance (APQS specific)
  • How to troubleshoot the most common problems
  • Starting a longarm quilting business
  • And so much more!

We have so much to share with you during this 6 hour class! This class is all lecture/demonstration. We encourage you to ask lots of questions during class and hope you have a list of questions ready before class starts. We will take a lunch break during class (usually around noon). It will be recorded so you can rewatch the class for one month.

Don’t forget, this class is FREE if you purchased a new or factory certified used APQS machine in the past year. If you recently purchased an APQS machine, please send us an email and one of our quilt fairies will help you register for class.

Don’t own an APQS machine? Not a problem! The APQS Beginning Longarm class is open to owners of any brand quilting machine! Most of our class topics will be the same across all brands of longarm machines. 

Ready to sign up for class? Head on over to our webpage and choose a date from the class list to register!

*Please note that we teach the APQS Beginning Longarm class via Zoom online