There are two ways to make a rental appointment here at Quilted Joy! First, you must have taken our rental certification class before you can rent a longarm machine on your own. Click here for more information on the certification class.


The first way is to book an appointment through out website. We use Acuity to schedule all of our renters. On the homepage of the website, there is a "rentals" tab on the main menu bar. Click that, and it will bring you to this page. Here, you can view all of our Covid-19 policies and procedures before booking your rental.

Scroll down to "book my rental" and select "schedule longarm rental" from step 1 - choose appointment.

You have to option of choosing from a regular APQS longarm rental or an Intelliquilter rental.

The minimum length of a rental is 2 hours, and is set as the default. You are able to add on any additional hours you may need at this step.

Next, select your time zone and the date/time you would like to come in to rent. If a day does not show up, we have already marked it as unavailable on our end and it will not be visible to you. 

Once you have selected your date/time, you can fill out your information and pay for the rental. You only need to pay a 50% deposit to secure your spot, and any additional payment will be figured out in house once your rental is complete.

Call the Shop at (502) 718-7148:

If you would rather call ahead and have one of our quilt fairies schedule your appointment, give the shop a call. We will be able to tell you what dates are available and pick a time that is best for you. Over the phone, you are able to specify if you want to rent Millie, Lucey, or Freddie. A quilt fairy can take your card payment over the phone as well.

Whichever way you decide to schedule your rental - we are so excited to see you in the shop soon!