What you need to bring:

  • A small quilt 55" x 55" or smaller
  • A snack if desired
  • A willingness to learn and make a couple of mistakes

You will quilt your own quilt in the class so please bring something no larger than 55″ x 55″ and it should be something the dog will look very nice sitting upon. Leave your needle turned Baltimore Album masterpiece at home. ? We want you to not worry if you make a mistake.

If you need to purchase backing fabric or batting, we have many options here in the shop for you to choose from. For the class you’ll need backing fabric that is at least 8″ bigger than your quilt top and batting that is at least 8″ bigger than your quilt top. So, if your quilt was 50 x50, you’ll need a backing fabric that is a minimum of 58″ x 58″. Of course, it could be bigger- just no smaller. 

There are some battings that are simply too fragile to use on the frame and will drastically reduce your success and happiness with the final product. Avoid the "Select" lofts of many brands.  They are too thin and will distort or tear when we pull on them.  We sell a variety of great battings that perform perfectly on the frame and we know you’ll love them.